Best Technical SEO Consultant for eCommerce and Content Websites

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is one of the two main SEO strategies that you may come up against, the other one being referred to as content SEO. Unlike content SEO which has a lot to do with external factors, technical SEO is all about how your site is set up internally and how that impacts the way that search engines perceive your website.

As such, it often requires specific technical knowledge and expertise. That’s the reason why brands and companies that want to see fast and effective results often decide to reach out to a technical SEO consultant for help.

Technical SEO consulting and technical SEO services

After examining your digital marketing strategy, making use of some kind of digital marketing services, eliminating duplicate content and fixing your external links people often turn to a technical seo specialist. Hiring a technical seo agency to improve your seo performance and site speed usually starts with picking the right technical seo consultant for your needs. The technical seo company will often start with a technical seo audit. This way the technical seo consultant evaluates the various technical seo issues which might impede search engines to bring more organic traffic to your website’s pages.

Technical seo issues such as page speed, site architecture, slow page load time and image optimization are just as important issues as the content of your website itself.

Content management systems alleviate some of the technical issues that affect the site’s performance but the speed optimization that can come from a professional seo team with a sound seo strategy and proper seo tools can make your website truly stand out.

Search engines

When it come to creating a sound technical seo strategy, it’s important to understand that the majority of technical seo work that is going to be done by technical seo specialists revolves around the search engine spiders being more motivated to crawl your pages and improving the search engine’s ability to index them and serve them as search results.

Any technical SEO expert will tell you that search engines dislike duplicate content, broken links and poorly managed internal links. So before hiring technical seo services to take a look at more complex technical elements such as your website architecture and search algorithms it’s important to get these fundamental things right.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the most prominent technical SEO consultants.


Easily the best technical seo specialists. They are a technical and JavaScript SEO consultancy and specialize in Single Page Applications, custom CMSs, and SaaS apps.

They offer technical SEO consultancy as well as SEO audits together with our extensive experience in the field so that we can bring you effective and organic SEO growth. is an extremely popular SEO service that focuses on ease of use and scalability. They pride themselves on their ability to render JavaScript at scale, which makes it ideal for large-scale sites and businesses. Generally speaking, client-side rendering is good for user experience, but crawlers often struggle to index pages that use it because of the gradual loading of the page.

Prerender io solves this by keeping static, SEO-optimized versions of your pages meant specifically for crawlers that are indexing your site. This makes it possible to retain your JavaScript-filled, user-friendly client-rendered web pages with all of their benefits, while also optimizing for crawling speed and being mindful of your crawling budget.

Jase Rodley

Jase Rodley is an Australian SEO consultant and a self-proclaimed ‘SEO addict’. His knowledge in the IT field is extremely versatile, taking one look at his internet bio will tell you how he attained most of it. It is clear that he has worked with numerous different frameworks and technologies but he says that lately he and his team of seo consultants and seo experts are focusing primarily on WordPress-based websites and Shopify.

The reasons behind these decisions are, as he states, that they feel like they can deliver the most consistent results and the biggest amount of value to their clients when working with these particular technologies.

Neil Patel

Another name in the SEO consulting scene that you might have heard of is Neil Patel. He is a British entrepreneur, a technical seo expert, and easily one of the more famous names on this list. He’s a co-founder of Neil Patel Digital and a very successful digital marketer. If you want to find out more about him, you can always check out his YouTube channel where he posts videos on various topics. Among other things, he is known for creating Ubersuggest, which is a popular free SEO tool that you might have heard of. It’s considered one of the best technical seo tools for organic search performance.  His portfolio is truly impressive and so are the numerous awards and recognitions that he has received throughout his career.

Max Peters

Max Peters is an SEO consultant from the UK with vast SEO experience coming from working on large-scale and multilingual websites. He predominantly focuses on technical SEO and technical seo audits, although he doesn’t stray away from content SEO completely.

Max is also versed in the technical details of large-scale website migrations and redesign which is an important niche of SEO as clumsy migrations and redesigns can sometimes sabotage months and even years of search engine optimization of a website.

His experience with large-scale sites is undisputed however he has recently worked on numerous successful startups from all over the world as well.

Aaron Rains SEO

Aaron Rains is an independent SEO expert that offers a wide array of services and solutions. This includes things like on-page SEO, website audit, link building, keyword research, SEO coaching, and much more. He’s also writing a personal blog in which he discusses topics such as structured data, canonical tags, backlinks, and marketing, to name a few. 

He’s located in Oregon, USA, and started running an SEO business which he started himself.